Re: Colchester Student Round head limit switch operation #Student

John O Regan

The "spacer" is a spring loaded device to allow some "wiggle"  for the bearing
It provides some self aligning without resorting to a self aligning bearing
It may also have also served as an adaptor from 1.250 to 30mm, maybe a large stock of castings had been machined and were in stock ????
It is not unusual for UK machinery to have used metric bearings back to the dawn of time


On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 8:45 AM mygoggie <herman@...> wrote:
Thanks for the headsup Al. I will check. What worries me as well is that there is a spacer between the outside bearing circumference and the housing. Would that be a converting ring from imperial to metric?

The housing ID measures 31,8 mm and the shaft OD measures 10,0 mm.



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