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Mike White

Sliding and surfacing. Sliding means when the apron moves either left toward headstock or right towards tailstock, surfacing means moving cross slide either away from you or towards you. You do this be operating the controls on the apron. Hope this helps. Mike

On Fri, 29 May 2020, 07:21 mygoggie, <herman@...> wrote:
I am progressing well with cleaning and restoring the smaller parts. At the moment I am looking at the condition of the gears in the apron. As far as I can determine this apron is more or less the same as the apron of a Triumph minus one gear.

Here is a post of mine about disassembling the apron. Please read it with reference to the questions below.

The three ball safety clutch in the feedshaft drive end is provided for, but one ball was missing, so the mechanism of protection is the same as on the Triumph apron.

I have looked at the conditions of the gears and the one gear at the sliding slot is badly worn with two broken teeth. Does someone have such a gear for sale or maybe donation towards this project?

Speaking of the sliding slot. I have no idea what the terms "Sliding" and "Surfacing" means in terms of the Colchester world. Can someone please elaborate a bit for me? Also possibly explain how this apron should be operated?



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